Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to read music?
No. Music will be provided but any reference to it will be fully explained.
Is there an age limit to the adult workshops?
The minimum age is 18 with no upper limit.
Will I be expected to sing a solo in front of any one?
No. There are no soloists at Sing for Fun.
How many participants will be attending each workshop?
Our 10 week workshops are extremely popular and range between 50-80 participants per workshop. Our One day and Part day workshops range in size and numbers are limited depending on the workshop.
I’ve been told by friends and family that I can’t sing, would a workshop help me?
Yes, Sing for Fun will help you gain confidence with your singing and teach you techniques that will help improve your voice and listening skills.
Can I pay weekly for the 10 week workshops?
No. £97.00 is the fee for the course.
I can't make every week of the 10 week workshops, can I have a refund for the weeks I've missed?
No. However, you are more than welcome to attend another Sing for Fun Workshop on a different night at one of our other venues.
Are disabled facilities available?
Currently all our venues have full disabled facilties. However, if you have specific needs please contact us.
Do I have to wear a Sing for Fun T-Shirt?
No! T-shirts are usually only worn for public performances.
Will I be expected to take part in performances?
Absolutely not. We do put on performances and it is completely up to you whether you take part.